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5/28/2024 1:04:40 AM

Connecting to Network Tallahassee
using Genesis TCP/IP

Search for local dial-up numbers in your area

Network Tallahassee (NTI) no longer offers dial-up service as of 2018-07-12. Please see for our DSL and other connectivity options.

Any documents on this Network Tallahassee Technical Support site relating to dial-up service may be removed at any time, however they may remain as historical references to those obtaining dial-up service elsewhere.

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The most recent iterration of the classic AmiTCP package is Genesis, distributed by VaporWare.

Amiga, Inc. acquired Genesis and is expected to include it as the OS-supported TCP/IP stack with the release of Amiga OS 3.9 (see for more information.

The minimum requirements for this endeavor are:

  1. Download the latest version of Genesis or the demo from AmiNet. Extract the archive to a temporary directory and run the install script from Workbench.
  2. Select the option to launch the Genesis Wizard to configure your dialup to Network Tallahassee. You may also configure a Genesis installation by manually running the Wizard from the Genesis drawer.
  3. Getting started:
    The Genesis Wizard is well documented. If you make a mistake, simply click on BACK. If you wish to abort the setup at any time, click ABORT.
    Screen shots are taken from the Genesis v4 Demo with Magic User Interface v3.8 installed. Welcome to the World of Genesis
  4. Choose your internet connection
    Select your internet connection type here. Since you will be dialing into Network Tallahassee, select Use a modem (analog/ISDN). Connection type selection
  5. Choose serial driver and modem
    Select the device driver you will use for your serial port. If you are using a third-party serial board, consult the manual for your hardware for the proper driver name and unit number to use.
    Select the modem from the drop-down list. If your modem is not listed, use the "Generic" entry instead. Serial driver and modem type
  6. Special modem settings
    Genesis requires special settings to use your modem. The commands listed here are generic Hayes commands to activate those features, and generally do not need to be changed. If your modem was not listed, it may be necessary to consult your modem manual for the proper commands. Modem command settings
  7. Network Tallahassee login, password, and dial-up number
    Enter your Network Tallahassee username (login name) and password.
    Enter your local dial-up number. Login, Password, and Dial-Up Number
  8. Protocol and script settings
    You will be connecting to Network Tallahassee using PPP. No login script is required. Protocol and script settings
  9. Connecting to Network Tallahassee
    This window connects your Amiga to Network Tallahassee to finish the automatic configuration procedure. When this window becomes active, press F1 or click on Dial to begin the connection process.
    For Network Tallahassee, you do not need to be concerned with any other dialer features of this window. After you connect, the Genesis Wizard will query the Network Tallahassee servers for information, then you will be automatically disconnected. First dialup session
  10. Save configurations
    For a default Genesis installation, all defaults in this window should be correct. Select the print option for a hard copy of the Wizard's configuration for this connection. Select FINISH when you're done. Save configurations

Go on-line!

Now whenever you are ready to connect to Network Tallahassee, simply run Genesis, select your new connection (should be labeled "ppp", this can be changed using the Genesis Prefs program,) then click the on-line button. When you're done, click the off-line button.
NOTE: It may also be necessary to select your Network Tallahassee username before connecting.

Please read the HTML documentation included with Genesis for information on more advanced features, including iconification - or minimizing, for you Windows people. ;)

This page was originally designed on a 40MHz 68030 Amiga 500 By Alan W. Rateliff, II