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How to register a new domain name

If you have not already registered your domain, you can register your domain name with various registrars or have us regiser it for you (in your name or organization name of course). Who you pick is up to you, but be sure to keep track of any login/password information associated with the registration. If you lose this, it can be a headache trying to make changes later on.

See the following for a lot of information regarding domains and domain registration:


See these links for listings of registrars and top-level domain options (e.g. .com, .net, .org, .museum, .us, .uk, etc.):

ICANN-Accredited Registrars (com, net, org, etc.)
Top-Level Domains

Domain registration settings that reference Network Tallahassee

Whether you are registering a new domain to be hosted by Network Tallahassee or already host your domain with us, you need to make sure that a couple domain registration settings are correctly configured to reference Network Tallahassee.
If the domain name already exists, you should perform a WHOIS query on the domain name to view the current domain registration settings and contact information. If any data is incorrect, you will have to log into the domain registrar's website and fix the information.

If Network Tallahassee will be handling DNS (domain name system - translates names like "" to IP addresses like "" and vice-versa) the following registration settings need to be associated with Network Tallahassee: