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How to allow pop-ups in webmail

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Internet Explorer


  1. Click Firefox Tools menu icon (Tools) then Options...
  2. Select the Content section at the top
  3. Click the Exceptions... button to the right of Block pop-up windows
  4. In the Address of web site field, type
  5. Click the Allow button
  6. Click the Close button

Safari 5, 4, & 3

NOTE: Safari does not support an exclusion list for blocking pop-ups. It blocks ALL or NO pop-ups depending on whether you enable/disable pop-up blocking.

  1. Mac: Click Safari then UNcheck Block Pop-Up Windows
  2. Windows: Click Edit then Preferences
    In the Security section, UNcheck Block pop-up windows

Google Chrome

See: Google Chrome Help: Basic browser settings: Pop-ups

Google Toolbar

NOTE: The Pop-up Blocker portion of the Google Toolbar is only available in Internet Explorer.
See: Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer Help Center - Pop-up Blocker

Yahoo! Toolbar

  1. See the following Yahoo! Toolbar document:
    Yahoo! Toolbar - Using Pop-Up Blocker