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MAC Address Lookup

The first three octets (first six hexadecimal characters) of a valid MAC address represent the MAC Address Block Large (MA-L), previously referred to as an OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier). Each MA-L is publically or privately registered to a company or other entity via the IEEE Registration Authority.
Use the search form below to look up the registrant for any publically registered MA-L.

MAC Address Search

Enter at least the first three octets (first six hexadecimal characters) of a MAC address in any format (any delimiters are ignored) or enter any part of a company name or address (e.g. Cisco or Atlanta):

MAC address format examples

The MAC Address Block Large (MA-L) / OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier) component in each MAC address is highlighted.

Delimiter EUI-48TM EUI-64TM
hyphen-minus C8-A0-30-4F-E2-9B C8-A0-30-FF-FE-4F-E2-9B
colon C8:A0:30:4F:E2:9B C8:A0:30:FF:FE:4F:E2:9B
dot C8A0.304F.E29B
none C8A0304FE29B C8A030FFFE4FE29B